Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, not much has happened to the farm lately. The only news that is interesting is that one of the sleeper gobies jumped out of the anemone tank. So I ended up just throwing the other one in my main tank in the house. I will just focus on anemones and peppermint shrimp for now. I also just set up a new shelving unit in the garage to be able to grow my own phyto and rotifers for my tank and possibly in the future for fish larvae. I also have a larval trap on its way. I will post about it as soon as it arrives.



DK said...

Did you have a funeral for the lost dried out fish?

Ian said...

haha..I did. It is always sad when a fish decides to go explore outside the bounds of the tank. All the effort that goes to create such a perfect environment for them and then they go and jump out and die! Ohwell, what are you going to do.