Monday, April 18, 2011

A cool video of my Stichodactyla gigantea feeding!

So, I bought this guy when it was bleached almost totally white except for the purple/blue tentacle tips, it was also very very small. So small that I think it is the smallest S. gigantea I have ever seen in pictures or in real life. But I bought it for a cheap price and fed it almost every other day. This video was taken months ago and I finally uploaded it. You can see in some of the tentacles that the zooxanthellae is coming back due to the brownish hue. The anemone today is mostly brown with blue/purple tentacles. It has also at least doubled in size since I purchased it. The color of the column has also turned a nice green color. I am very proud of this success!! This anemone eats the most out of all the anemones that I have. It eats 3-4 pieces of silverside or shrimp every other day or so while the RBTA's I have only will eat 1, maybe 2 pieces.

I had to speed up the video so you could see what happens. It is interesting to see and I hope you all enjoy it! Also, turn off the audio on this video, I forgot to edit that out and it is annoying.