Monday, September 27, 2010

Updated pictures

So here are a few pictures of the updates that took place awhile ago. I have been quite busy this summer and so the blog has been neglected.

this photo is the tank from the side showing the standpipe and the hose to the sump. The sump is a 40 something gallon Brute garbage can. I use an eheim return pump that is throttled all the way down and shot through the spray bar. I know is not the prettiest setups that I have seen, but it gets its job done. Also don't mind the slime algae, its finally getting under control now that I have added the skimmer. I am using an old ASM g1 skimmer I had laying around. I decided to add a spray bar from parts from HD because I wanted to add a little bit more uniform flow around the tank.


Now some pics of the anemones. The pictures are kinda fuzzy since the anemones are in bad locations and the angles I had to use to get the pictures were horrible!

The first picture is all from the left side of the tank. The anemone that is on the left and the right side are the same anemone. I am trying out the anemone in the middle to see how the heal time is on it. It is the next one to be cut. It has a nice green tint on the tentacles and also the oral disc. It also has always had bubbles unlike the others that I am keeping. The smaller anemones are the ones that were cut before. They are starting to really expand with my feedings and are looking alot better.


This last picture kinda shows how large the anemones are, it is hard to get a good picture with the light reflection. The PVC pipe that is just below the bubble anemone in the middle is a piece of 2" PVC cut to about a 4-5" long section.

I hope you like the pictures and updates! I will be updating soon with my cuttings!


TheReefShed said...

Things are looking good.

What is your heal time on the RBTA's?

I did a Cut about 1 month ago and they were all feeding about 2 Weeks after the cut and are now healed with the Mouth in the Center.

I will get some pics up on the blogs early next week, Just collecting timelapse pics for the post.

Ian said...

The heal time was very quick, possibly 1 week or less and taking food. However the anemone has not gotten back to normal size. I think that this is due to many aspects, mainly the change in lighting and adding the sump. I believe that the anemone had to compensate for the new light and heal up from the cut, a double whammy. So I do not recommend changing anything while an anemone is cut or anytime before a cut. These changes have only slowed the growth/heal time and did not kill the anemone. Thank goodness!!