Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry for no pictures...I know its lame!

For once I am very pleased with my anemone tank in the garage. I just got done doing a late night feeding and all 4 anemones are taking the new mysis shrimp very well. I usually feed PE mysis to everything in my tanks but I decided to try the Hikari bio-pure mysis shrimp. I promise to get some pictures of the difference between the two this sunday! Anyway, the Hikari brand mysis shrimp are tiny and I believe that the anemones and also my corals take to this stuff alot easier. Time will tell if they do better on the Hikari or if I will be going back to the PE mysis. I believe the smaller size helps the corals/anemones to take it in easier. I will update really soon with updated pictures and also a picture of the food. Thanks for looking!


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