Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Updates to the tank!

So I finally got some better lights for the anemone tank. I bought a 2-bulb 36" T5 retrofit kit and was able to put it together today. I will most likely never buy a retrofit kit ever again, it was annoying trying to get the lights to hang correctly and get everything where it should be. The tank looks alot brighter and the color looks more pleasing to me eye. I used a 18K bulb and a 6700K bulb.

This is how I put them together. I had some scrap plywood that I just screwed the sockets to and then wired the lights together. That is my dog, samson, in the last picture. He likes to support me in my endeavors.


This is the fixture lit up over my tank. As you can see the lights are not hanging straight. It took me forever to get it at this point so if it really bugs me I will end up straightening up the lights.



Dane said...

This looks like something Sampson put together. haha

The ReefShed said...

The Anemones will like the Extra light.

How is your RBTA doing after the cut a while back?

Is that a Boston Terrier?

Love the toes, really add's the picture.

Ian said...

The RBTA is still doing great. The addition of more light, I think, has set back the healing a bit. I also added on a sump of sorts and so I have about 20-30 more gallons in that tank, which also set the anemones back. I just updated the tank with the sump 2 weeks ago. I am out of town but once I get back I will be taking pictures of what I did.

The dog is a Bull Terrier and I thought the toes are a necessity in all DIY pictures. :)