Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fish Brood Stock

So, I have been reading the marine fish breeding book by Matthew Wittenrich and decided to dive in to the realm of breeding fish as well. I bought these guys last week thursday, and they have been eating nicely on mysis. At first they were very skittish but now they have calmed down and are starting to roam/sift sand in their tank. I will be upgrading my RBTA tank which the fish are in at the moment to more of a centralized system with multiple tanks. I will be keeping the peppermint shrimp/sand sifting gobies/anemones in the main tank with a 20 gallon and a 10 gallon extra for growout and larval rearing of both the shrimp and fish.

Here are the fish I bought, luckily they were in the same tank and looked like a pair.



Dane said...

That would be pretty cool if they bred.

The ReefShed said...

I would have thought you would have started with something easy to Breed like Bangaii's.

Good Luck.

Ian said...

Well, one of the pair jumped out of the tank and so I will not be breeding this species. I will have to look into getting some bangais and see how that works. Possibly even some clowns in a different tank. I'll let you know.