Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post Cutting Pictures

So I apologize for my late post, I had two tests these past two weeks and so I was kind of busy. Anyway, here are some pictures of the anemone 4 days post cutting. I will have to get some 24 hour post pictures next time I cut because it was a pretty rapid healing process with these anemones.


Here are some from just about 5 minutes ago. The lights are out in the tank and so I took the picture with a flash. You can really tell how well these clones are healing by the first picture. They both have fully formed mouths and are eating PE mysis like pigs! I believe the success with these anemones after cutting is to really have more than adequate water flow just after being cut.




TheReefShed said...

Looking GR8!!!

Did you dip them in Iodine solution before putting them back into the tank?

Ian said...

I usually dip fragged corals and such in lugols Iodine with tank water but I wanted to try Revive from Two Little Fishes and it seemed to work just great. I might try both dips, 5 minutes each and see how it works.

joan said...

This is all REALLY interesting, Ian. Your pics are great. Very well done. JAMK