Friday, April 16, 2010

Sebae anemone has been cut!

I have some pictures here of how I cut up my sebae anemone and all subsequent anemones. I realized after I cut them that I should have taken pictures while doing the act, so I apologize and will take pictures next time.

This is the way I am doing it, I know their might be other ways.

- I bought a cheap plastic cutting board from Wal-mart to easily cut the anemones.
-I also bought a 4" filet knife at a local outdoorsman shop, I asked for the sharpest one available.
-I used a spare tupperware bin and some left over styrofoam as a float.
-I built a special box for the cuttings out of eggcrate(light diffuser) from Home Depot.
-I used coral dip or lugols iodine after the anemones were cut.

Im using this box for my rose bubble tank in the garage. I used a similar box with all sides closed for the cut sebae anemone.

Of course this is the filet knife.
The following pictures are how I float the anemones in the dip/water instead of a 5 gallon bucket. I thought of this so I could regulate heat a bit better right after the anemones are cut. I let the tupperware sit inside the tank and the styrofoam then keeps the tupperware from sinking. You need to let them either sit in a bucket or do something similar for atleast 20-30 minutes post cutting. After the cutting, the anemone will slime up pretty well so you need to let the anemone get rid of the slime. I also use an iodine dip while the anemone is sliming up to help it heal a bit and I put in an air hose/air pump for some oxygenation/water movement.

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And the cutting board.


Jessica said...

Very creative! I'm really impressed :)

Ian said...

Thanks! :P