Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here are some random shots of the grow out tank in my garage. I live in Utah and did not want to have the tank freeze too much in the winter. I used, if I can remember right, 1 inch rigid insulation all around the tank. I guess I will also tell about the tank, the tank is nowhere near what I would like it to be but it works for the moment, its been a frugal approach!

The tanks itself is a left over reef 2 sump that I had laying around, I believe its a 30 gallon.
Lighting consists of 2-40 watt t12 bulbs/fixture from Home Depot, I use the daylight bulb that had CRI of 92 or something.
I use a sponge filter that is rated up to a 80 gallon aquarium, this is used for biological filtration and to some respects mechanical filtration.
I added about 2 inches of sand but I most likely be removing it soon.
I have a 250 watt titanium heater that I use to keep the temperature of the tank at around 80-82 degrees.
I have recently added a hang on the back filter to hold carbon.

Pretty simple right?
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Oh yea, don't make fun of my carpentry skills. Lets just say they are lacking quiet a bit!

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