Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not much new lately.

So due to lack of anything interesting to post about and being busy with crazy school I have not been able to post anything. I have a few pictures that I will be putting up soon about fragging up some ricordea mushrooms. I also have this interesting picture I thought I would share. Its the RBTA that I bought awhile ago from my work. It was looking like it was going to split and it has not yet split after about a month of being almost halfway there!!

I thought that it was interesting that the foot of the anemone has pinched very close together and the body of the anemone has a line of faded tissue that looks like it is going to split at this point. I hope that you can see what I am talking about in the picture. Keep posted for the ricordea frag pictures!!


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webmaster said...

Looking good, how are the other nems doing?

Prox said...

What's the best filtration system to use now? I always liked the Berlin system because it was cheap, only needing a ETSS protein skimmer and live rock. That's probably like a dinosaur system now- "live in the now Prox."

How much are corals from Ian's Magical Coral Emporium? What's the best deal you can give me for the $11.24 in my wallet?

Ian said...

Webmaster, What nems? I have the two rose bubbles in that tank. I lost the sebae I cut, I believe from not having enough water flow. I really want to try and propagate every type of anemone but time is not on my side right now. I will be moving soon for Vet school hopefully and I do not know where I will end up.

Ian said...

Prox, What filtration I run on my main tank is just a very large skimmer(way to large for my tank), and some phosgard(for phosphates) and carbon. Also liverock/sand and I recently put on my filter socks for mechanical filtration and I am really liking how clear the water is. I will have to change out the socks every half a week to a week to reduce nitrate buildup. Whats on the anemone tank is just a large sponge filter and a hang on the back filter with carbon and phosgard in it. I try and do 5 gallon water changes with my main tank water when I remember. :P And you can buy some wicked xenia with that $11.24 haha